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Aerena Rose 2017

Producer Notes:
The del Barba Vineyard allows Blackbird/ AERENA winemaker, Aaron Pott, to “fulfill all of his Rhône and southern Italian fantasies at the same time.” These 135-year-old vines make up the 2017 ÆRENA Rose. Yes. 135-year-old vine Rose. A kiss of skin contact before the juice is pressed off the skins. A little time sur lees for texture and racked to slumber a few months before the February bottling. It’s the Bay Area in a bottle and AERENA promises you, you’re going to love it. It’s a pretty amazing feeling, walking through vines that have been telling stories longer than your parents and maybe even your grandparents have walked the planet. And they will keep bearing witness, long after you are gone, to the rhythms of mother nature and human kind’s machinations.