Samaroli Caribbean Rum 1998


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Tradition has it that rum originated on the Island of Barbados; a 1651 document from Barbados stated that " ... the chief fuddling island is Rumbullion, also called Kill- Divil (kill - devil ), made from distilled sugar cane ... a hot, hellish and terrible liquor ... Here in 1702 was installed the oldest Rum distillery in the world : Mount Gay. Barbados has a Rum culture that greatly reflects the character of the population; compared to all the other Caribbean countries , where people have a "instinctive" relationship with the Rum, here Rum has admirers very experienced and therefore is well known and evaluated . It has a unique style. It is considered the archetype to be taken as a reference point. A great classic of Samaroli : in barrel since 1986 bottled in 2003 , after 12 years and today we collect the result of our experience our courage.Soft, smooth, sweet, irresistible, full and lush. Hints of dried fruit, hazelnut, walnut, acacia flowers, bitter almond, catapult us with imagination in the Homeric Mediterranean novel. Childhood memories that we find on the palate where a balance of sweet, fascinate us. It seems to grab, drink, the essence of our own roots.


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