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Maker's Mark PlumpJack Private Selection 2020

Reminder: We can only ship spirits within California at this time.

 Finished on September 18, 2019  |  Bottled in December 2019

Age: 5+ years, 3 month finish

Proof: (108.4 pf  54.2%)

Stave Recipe:

0 Baked American Pure 2
2 Seared French Cuvee
6 Maker's 46
1 Roasted French Mocha
1 Toasted French Spice

"The first time I went and blended a recipe at Maker's for PlumpJack's Private Select, I was more thoughtful in my approach. I sampled over 25 different other blends from stores, bars and friends across the country, taking a photo of the recipe and notes on what I did or didn't like. I also took a sample of my favorite Maker's Mark bottling with me on the blending, the Japanese export black wax. We tried about 15-20 different combos, but ultimately found that we all liked my first attempt the most.

This time we threw all the strategy out the window and began placing down our blends like chips on the roulette table. This recipe happened to be the first blend a friend of mine created. We made many attempts to find one better, but couldn't do it. This is delicious. I think it turned out better than the first one we released.

This is an amplified Maker's profile for sure. It is packed full with aromas of Mrs. Butterworth maple syrup, sweet honey glazed cornbread, Werther's Original candy, and freshly baked Long John's. As it breathes it shows off more brown sugar, dried orange rind, and coffee cake. This is no ordinary Maker's though. The palate has some horsepower at 54.2% abv, which gives it the legs to go the distance on a long finish with an encore of spice to cap it off. You may not want to get too complex in a cocktail with it, but I'll be damned if it doesn't make one of the best old fashioneds you're going to have." -- Joshua Thinnes