NON Expression #7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee


Non redefines the wine occasion, using the natural world and multi-disciplinary techniques to produce wine alternatives.
Tannins, Floral notes, salinity and acidity are extracted from real produce using techniques from the culinary and vitilcultural worlds, creating the non world. Made in  purpose-built NON Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia; one of the epicentres of the gastronomic world, NON is a 0.0% re-think of the wine experience.

Rich dark fruits, spiced nose, undertones of coffee

Non-alcoholic, wine alternative - sparkling. Vegan Certified. Gluten-free. Halal.

Food pairing: Dark chocolate, stuffed mushrooms, charcuterie

contains caffeine: 37MG per bottle (average cup of coffee = 100MG)