Domaine Boingnères Bas-Armagnac “Cépages Nobles” 1985


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In the year 2007, Domaine Boingnères celebrated its 200th anniversary. The estate was acquired on June 20, 1807 by Jean Boingnères, an ancestor of proprietor Martine Lafitte. It is located in the small commune of Le Frêche, on perhaps the best growing soil (iron-rich sables fauves) of the Bas-Armagnac.

While distillation has taken place on the property since the early part of this century, until 1951 part of their wine was sold to wine merchants and part put through a traveling still to make a few barrels of Armagnac. The small storehouse contained the crown jewels of the estate—vintages from the 1920’s and ‘30’s.

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