Signatory 'Inchmurrin 21yr PlumpJack Cask'

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Signatory is an independent bottler of rare single malts. Their collection of single-barrel cask expressions represents an array of quality scotches from Scotland. The important distinction being independent companies that bottle their own products (Signatory, Gordon & MacPhail, Cadenhead) versus independent companies whose products are bottled under contract. This Signatory 'Inchmurrin 1993' was aged 100% in a hogshead (bourbon) barrel, #2848 to be exact, and yielded only 225 bottles. It was bottled to order for PlumpJack. After resting for 21 years in barrel, the angels had taken their fair share of drink leaving just 52.6% ABV at cask strength. The color is rich golden yellow and tastes just like it looks. Aromas of barley cereal, caramel, acacia honey, honeysuckle flower and orange zest burst from the glass. Upon aeration the aromas develop and deepen into fudge, chocolate and mild tobacco.

 *bottle not pictured; this does not come in a cylinder