Old Potrero PJ Barrel Rye & Spirit Works Single Barrel Rye PlumpJack Private Selection

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Old Potrero PJ Barrel Select Rye 2019

65.53% ABV

New American oak for 4.5 years 

 The color of this whiskey is impressively dark for its age. Immediately upon pouring it into the glass you can smell aromas of freshly baked rye bread. Brown sugar, cacao nibs, dark chocolate, marshmallow and charred oak dominate the nose. Unlike any of the typical Kentucky ryes on the market, the 100% rye mashbill really sets the tone for flavors. The palate is just as intense as the nose, but very balanced for the proof, with a finish that lasts for days.

Spirit Works PlumpJack Private Selection Single Barrel #44 750mL

2 years 6 months  |  119.4 proof at Cask-Strength

70% Rye 30% Malted Barley

Nose: Aromas of freshly baked rye bread, coco powder, orange oil, cinnamon spice, freshly sawn oak and vanilla shine through.

Palate: The palate is powerful, rich and chewy with loads of spices showing their support giving way to a coco powdered finish.

Finish: Very smooth for the proof, but the addition of a few drops of water brings out the more delicate floral aromas from the rye. 

Try this in an Old Fashioned or Sazerac cocktail!

* Bottle pictured is not actual bottle