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Chambers and Chambers

Billecart-Salmon Cuvee Elisabeth Rose 2007

On the eye: With soft, shimmering reflections and a sustained pink hue, this seductive blend has a radiant brilliance.

On the nose: There is a refreshing sensorial expression of citrus peel and red berry jelly. With the exquisite sensation of a rich and complex aromatic generosity (antique roses, cherries and white peaches). Lovely olfactive notes respectfully soften the distinctive perfume of wild strawberries and scented soft spices.

On the palate: A measured strength which is delicate and charming at the same time, and with a harmonious maturing of flavors (mandarin, blood orange and Reinette apple tart). An ample and pure character in the mouth unveiling a chalky edge and a persistent finish of lightly candied citron.

1792 Full Proof Whiskey

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