December Beers of the Month

December 28, 2020

December Beers of the Month

“We know that good beer brings people together – and we started Temescal Brewing in 2016 to do just that”. When Temescal Brewing first opened, fans of the brewery were confident that they would help push the Northern California beer scene in the right direction, myself included. The vibe walking into their taproom just felt different. The vibrant colors on the walls of the taproom, the positive vibes and good music; their passion for beer was clear. The brewery lives by three words, “quality, community, and vibes”. The brewers will be the first to admit they geek out about water chemistry and ingredient sourcing – insuring their beer is produced fresh and with the best hops, grain and yeast there is to offer. Community building, their vibes and energy they pour out through the taproom is what the brewery is known for. We’re happy to include some fresh new beer from Temescal for all of you to enjoy.

Temescal Pils

A crisp and refreshing Pilsner with pleasant herbal notes from the noble hops, subtle floral esters from a beautiful Lager yeast, and a splash of honeysuckle from the finest German malts.

Temescal Fluffy

Fluffy is soft and smooth lager with just the perfect zing herbal citrus and spice from noble hops. It’s lovely mouthfeel, nutty, doughy flavor, and sourdough-like acidity comes from a large portion of malted Spelt. Spelt is an ancient grain, similar to wheat, but with a bolder, rustic, character.

Temescal Lawn Flamingo

A tart and fruity blonde ale with a lightly tannic berry flavor. Extremely refreshing!

Temescal Coal

Crisp, Chocolatey Black Lager. Nuff said!

Temescal Hazy

A lush, fluffy mouthfeel that’s not too heavy. A hazy IPA with a very clean finish; aromatically driven beer.

Holiday Libation

This beer features tropical and fruit forward hops. Restrained bitterness and plenty of oats and wheat compliment the tropical fruit with a soft mouthfeel.