Beer of the Month September 2021: Fantome

September 20, 2021

Beer of the Month September 2021: Fantome

Danny Prignon of Brasserie Fantome in Belgium has reached a near mythical status as a brewer for his off-beat, sometimes just strange, concoctions. Brewed in a farmhouse in Soy, Wallonia, Belgium, Fantome has gained a cult following internationally, but it’s brewed in such tiny batches it’s hard to find with any consistency. The beers are whimsical, unique, rare, and just downright fun. Danny has brewed beers with (and served as inspiration for!) other notable craft breweries like Hill Farmstead, Jester King, and Grimm. But even in those interactions, he’s described as secretive; his brewing style as more driven by feeling and intuition than chemistry or ego.  Enjoy a couple brews from the mad scientist of Belgian brewing.

Fantome "Coffee Ruby" - $19/750ml

Pours dark, chocolatey brown with a light brown, foamy head with good retention. Bright red fruit and coffee on the nose. Light acidity and fruitiness on the palate with a hint of roasted malt and balanced, bitter finish.

Fantome "Strange Ghost Dark Triple Version" - $19/750ml

Fantome has produced Strange Ghost with some regularity, but this is the first time they’ve made the “Triple Version”. Rich and dark with a strong, savory spice character and persistent, frothy carbonation. This beer defies categorization.